No, this is not a post about designer clothes for dogs. I refuse to buy designer clothes for my dog, but I am not opposed to buying them for myself. Over the past couple of years I have acquired quite a collection. Living in Paris and New York will do that to a girl. Looking for a way to help out animals in need, without turning my home into a dog shelter, I have decided to part with my collected designer clothing and accessories for the sake of paws across America. Twenty to twenty five percent of the final sale price of each item ( each item is different) will benefit the Humane Society of America. Each Week through the Month of December I will list a few new items for sale. This week I have started with a few my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, Mayle and Nanette Lepore. Please see below for photos and links to ebay items!

Next week I will find a few more treasures for the cause. One of my listed items will go 100% to charity. Please check back for updates. A BIG thank you to my assistant Dallas for being my model and to all of you helping our pawed friends!

Thank You!

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