Le Tigre



What a pleasure it was to spend time with, photograph his work and learn about the inspiration behind Ben Olson's Work now on view at 443 PAS Gallery
Through layers of vibrant color, dripping paint, expressive brush strokes ranging from loving to pure intensity. Ben Olson paints his life, to show you yours.
The images serve as portraits of himself, and his muses, who are often very close friends or family members. The paintings act as portals for the viewer to place themselves into a new world, examining the threads of truth, of human nature and more often than not the fictional life that humans surround themselves in.  
The paint is transformed into a personal visual doorway, cracked open for a moment, but captured forever. With the slash of a brushstroke, the drip of paint, the tender rendering of a woman, the final result is joy and beauty, inviting the viewer to dream and leave with their own color drenched truth. 

Ben Olson is a visual artist from New York. He was born in Minnesota and his paintings and drawings have been shown nationally and internationally since 2000. Exhibited in galleries and museums, Ben’s work has also appeared in many publications including French Vogue, New American Paintings and Juxtapoz. 

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