More fun than shaved ice on a hot summer day, shooting MGMT was a blast, especially with Lance from Contrast Magazine's new instant camera!

Here is a clip from the mag:

The Jump Offs
Text: Lyle Matsuura 
Images: Daeja Fallas 
So here is some news. Paul McCartney thinks their band is good. Okay. He also wouldn’t mind jamming and perhaps doing a little knob turning behind the ol’ mixer board. What? Bloggers nearly shit themselves upon hearing the news of Sir Paul giving MGMT the unofficial nod. 
“My dad was the one who told me. I couldn’t believe it. I honestly don’t even know what to say,” said a very humbled Andrew VanWyngarden, lead singer of the Brooklyn based Psychedelic-Synth outfit MGMT. 

for the rest of the story!

Inspired by the KZO Spring Summer 2010 collection, stylist Jessica Simpson pulled looks from the line that would make any girl swoon for KZO's newest collection. 

I have to thank make up artist Renee Loiz and hair stylist Florido Basalla at Celestine for their amazing work along with Zdenka at LA Models. Big thanks also go out to Joel, Cindy, Joe and Luke of KZO

Photo Credit: Robert Wright

Although he argues that "photography is dead" my friend Robert keeps turning out great photographs... and this is your opportunity to see my favorites, all set to music in NYC! Although Robert wont let me post his awesome "slideshow"  YET, Im hoping he allows me to share it with everyone after the big debut in NYC. Robert's photos are just one of the many treats at the Slideluck Potshow, I encourage you to wander down, or up, or over to Canoe Studios on west 26th Street for a great show and some good company! I just heard Rebecca and Dara of I Heart Creative will be there too! 

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