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Sorry this took a few days to get up, it seems I have spent more time on airplanes in the last 5 days than I have on the ground...  so finally...

The Dirty Laundry Show opened this weekend and if you have not gone down to Nuuanu Gallery yet to check it out, get down there before all of the custom wearable artwork is gone... snag yourself one... or two.. we did!

Here are some fun shots from the opening!

Above: co curator Jesse who designed the "Cave Cave Deus Videt" shirt above and his lovley lady!
Have you seen the girl above? click here for more of her creative genius!

Looking toward the future of wearable art is artist Alan Konishi who created his shirts (example behind far left) with the help of his family.

More to come in DISfunkshion Magazine!



You are invited to the gallery opening, First Friday (September 5):

September 4-20, 2008

Dirty Laundry is an exhibition devoted to the concept of potential.
Using stains as an integral part of the design and fashion of a t-shirt, the show seeks
to shift perceptions that something (or someone, for that matter) can be ruined.

Each artist has been given 6 shirts to stain using a medium of their choice.
After "ruining" each shirt, the artist creates a custom design that works with the shape, size and medium of the stain.
Those designs are hand-printed onto the shirts, thus making the stain an integral part of the apparel's fashion.

Nuuanu Gallery
1161 Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817

For more information, visit:

All of these amazing artists in Hawaii! 

You can't miss this!

Here are some preview photos!

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