Polaroid film and cameras changed photography, eternally... think of the Polaroid 600 camera every family took on vacation to the stunning 8x10 Polaroid images by Paolo Roversi. Although instant film is still available I don't think anything will ever be Polaroid, the colors, the feeling, the smell, all of it. As I say farewell to my last few sheets of 669 it makes me sad that this will be the last of the true Polaroid film I am able to use. I am glad though, that my favorite red head was home from Paris and willing to sit in a field of flowers with me for a few moments to say goodbye in an ooh so dreamy way. Thanks Gen.

Thanks to Lori, Tanya, Dehx (make up artist extraordinare) Maria our LOVELY model, Tommy and the rest of the team working on the new MATIX ads and look book, we had a blast shooting and riding around in the big red bus all over Long Beach. Eventually ending up at the bar HBO uses to shoot their "True Blood" series in was kinda creepy since I had just finished watching the second season on DVR the night before we shot...but, heebie geebies aside, it ended up being a really cool location. Here are a few polaroids of our adventures! And that white leather jacket, yeah its really that cute, really.

Charls, the amazing intern standing on on our light test...

Dallas, the photo assistant and Tesa Love our model...

Tesa, finding time for a text... in her best "cousin it" pose.

...Jess, getting in there for the final touches..

And finally, Tesa, ready for her first shot!

As glamourous as it may seem, with the feathers and the fur, the designers and the models, the make up and the jewelry, being on set, tons of people, crammed into a windowless studio, is always a good time, a little more like a circus than a gala but always fun!

This is something you dont see often, come to think of it, I have never seen this. As we flew north to San Francisco, out my window a United Airlines jet cruised along with us for about an hour. Although the pilot assured that the plane was a good 1,000 feel above us, our friendly neighbor seemed rather close (If I can get a shot with my iphone, come on..).

I think the pilots were having a little race of their own as we pulled in and out of the lead I kept the phone on (airplane mode, of course) and watched the race from seat 44G.

we won in the end :).

For those of you that know me, you know that this is Maxamillion, my black lab. He is quite a bit bigger now (75 lbs and counting!) but still has those puppy eyes that absolutely KILL me! He sits under my desk and sleeps on my toes when I am working on photos or posting new blog entries. He is the best little guy out there. I hope that we all feel this way about our pets.

Dog shelters and pedigree commercials always make me cry so, I have decided to do something about it... but the first thing I need is a few suggestions on animal shelters or charities in the US that do great work for the animals. By this I mean charities that you know of or work with or have adopted from that you believe really do help the animals. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment with information or email me at info@daejafallas.com! I'd love to hear from you! Thanks a million!
Daeja and Max

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