In the most recent edition of the KZO Cinematic Journal, I noticed an entry by Glitterati Magazine who did an amazing piece by Joel K, a great friend and the founder of KZO including photos we shot for the fall/winter '09 collection. click HERE to read the entire article about how Joel comes up with his ideas, where he gets inspiration for each collection and how it all comes together!

As I was sitting waiting for a model to finish getting her make up done in a very cool basement converted to studio, I noticed the studio owner, also the make up artist on the job, had all sorts of fun "props" left over from jobs or brought back from her travels. Her studio was a treasure chest. She moved her light to get a better view of the model and the shadow behind the orchids caught my eye. I fired twice and then everyone was ready to go. Loading the photos this one popped out at me and I have been looking at it ever since. My favorite part is the shadow of the peacock feathers on the right side of the frame, you know they are there... but you don't have to see "them."

Sometimes things just work out. The collaboration of Chloe C. from ROCKSTEADY and Tami S. of SUGAR HIGH is a perfect example of things working out beautifully. The talented young ladies each started their own lines but when they met, their lines worked so well together that a collaboration was inevitable! Months after meeting the talented team on Maui they brought me on to shoot their first line together.  The two flew over to Oahu, brought Jessica Simpson out from LA to put it all together and... it all worked out. Days like those make me remember why I love what I do. 

Join me this First Friday (9/04/2009) for the opening of Etown Studios in Honolulu's Downtown Arts District! Photos created exclusively for the event by Ethan Boone and myself featuring 1979 Swimwear  and SooZou Sailbags will be displayed alongside Meesah's Earth Friendly Adornments! 

Please join us at 1164 Smith Street in downtown Honolulu for light bites, drinks, fine fashions, photography and a good time starting at 6 pm!


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