Sometimes things just work out. The collaboration of Chloe C. from ROCKSTEADY and Tami S. of SUGAR HIGH is a perfect example of things working out beautifully. The talented young ladies each started their own lines but when they met, their lines worked so well together that a collaboration was inevitable! Months after meeting the talented team on Maui they brought me on to shoot their first line together.  The two flew over to Oahu, brought Jessica Simpson out from LA to put it all together and... it all worked out. Days like those make me remember why I love what I do. 


Jessica Hoffman said...

I love everything about this shoot!! You worked it out amazingly!!! I love your work... and I'm always so inspired by you!!! Can't wait to work with you again!

Brooklyn Hawaii said...

These are seriously bananas, woman.
Soooo impressed + inspired. The colors, the story, the vibe. Makes me =) =) =) forever!!

Miss you!!

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