Ever admire other girl's perfectly stained pink lips and wonder HOW hey get it so perfectly "just bitten" looking? Jessa of Blades Natural Beauty spills the secrets to BWG Mag.. check out her advice below! 


January 9, 2013 - Fashion
Wearing her unofficial NYC uniform of all black, Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty is a firm believer that lipstick can help spice up any outfit. Although the thought of pink lipstick can be intimidating, Jessa gives us some helpful tips on how to choose the right color and wear it with ease.
Pink is one of my favorite colors and can look good on pretty much anyone as long as you know how to wear it. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Worried about wearing hot pink during the day? Apply a swipe of the lipstick and top with a lip balm for a more mellowed out pink look. Don’t feel like wearing it on your lip? Swipe a bit of lipstick on to the apples of your cheeks and voila! Pink blush! I know it sounds simple but I cannot stress how important LIGHTING is when choosing a color. Test the color in natural light- that department store/inside light makes you look like you have Jaundice, which is not cute. Don’t be afraid to put the color and walk outside to see what you think.

Amanda Smith @ Muse Model Management NYC

Words: Jessa Blades
Photography: Daeja Fallas

I was lucky enough to spend some time on the beach shooting the new Surf Club Capsule Collection for Olasul Summer 2013, check out their inspiration for each tee + board short below! All Images by me..

For this season’s summer capsule collection, we turned to the world’s most storied surf clubs for inspiration. Based on the South Bondi Boardriders Club in Australia, Club Waikiki in Peru and Biarritz Surf Club in France, our capsule surf club collection is comprised of 6 limited edition shorts and three logo tees. Take a look below at the history behind the clubs and our collection. 

Bondi Boardriders Club | Est.  1960, Sydney, NSW, Australia

The last surf club remaining on Australia’s most storied stretch of sand, Bondi Boardriders Club represents the rich history of surf down under. The club and its members stake out the far south corner of Bondi beach, otherwise known as “the office.” Not coincidentally, the south end of the beach is the most hazardous section of Bondi, with a constantly shifting rip current known as “Backpackers Express” for the number of tourists rescued from its pull.
Clubs of like-minded surfers  have formed and dispersed for decades at Bondi, leaving a trail of rivalries, alliances and surfing champions in their wake. Bondi Boardriders carries on the tradition of South Bondi, the name of the original 60’s club that was deemed too decadent by rival upstart Panache. Both clubs housed surfing legends, who picked their allegiances carefully and carried the dividing lines beyond the beach and into the 80’s. 
Biarritz Surf Club | Est. 1956, Biarritz, France 
Biarritz has evolved from a whaling town on France’s southwestern coast to a global destination combining a bustling surf scene with classical architecture, history and culture. Hollywood screenwriter Peter Viertel is responsible for igniting Biarritz’s surfing passion over 50 years ago when he laid eyes on the surf and immediately sent for his boards to be flown over from Los Angeles.
The Biarritz Surf Club holds court over the town’s two main breaks, Côte des Basques and Grand Plage. The club’s unusual combination of barefoot surf culture and old world elegance creates a singular surfing experience. Côte des Basques, a right-hand break with a sandbar point, offers rides in the shadow of an imposing French castle. Meanwhile, Grand Plage’s high performance waves roll in toward Biarritz’s gothic casino and the nearby boardwalk lined with charming cafés and restaurants. 
Club Waikiki | Est. 1942, Lima, Peru
Globetrotting Peruvian Carlos Dogny opened the doors to Club Waikiki in 1942 after returning to Peru years earlier with the country’s first Hawaiian balsa board. The club soon grew from a board storehouse to a gathering spot for surfing converts. High society flocked to Club Waikiki and the popularity of the sport soared as the club played host to the Peru International Surfing Championships from 1956 to 1972 and the World Surf Championship in1965. Local surfer Felipe Pomar rose to fame by winning first place, paving the way for other Latin American surfers.
Tucked into the rocky cliffs of Miraflores, Club Waikiki is a surfer’s paradise. Tennis courts, pools, a restaurant and a bar complement its incredible service and celebrated history. 70 years later, Club Waikiki continues to shape and influence what is now recognized as Peru’s national sport.  

To see more check their site here:

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