I was recently given the unique opportunity of photographing and being photographed by photographer David Black for City Magazine. David and I spent the afternoon walking around the LES and train hopping. To our advantage it was a beautiful late summer day so we opted for a stroll across the Williamsburg Bridge then turned back so we could jump on the M train to to catch the afternoon sun from above the city.

David's work is all done on his Hasselblad H1 ( I had major camera envy!) and does beautiful light filled work. Below are a few of my favorite images from his site.

Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe at the Alice and Olivia show! from Daeja Fallas on Vimeo.

Amazing friend and partner in crime this week Michelle Lindsay invited me to join her at the Alice and Olivia S/S 2011 presentation and it turned out to be the highlight of the week! The presentation featuring Mia Moretti (DJ) and Caitlin Moe (violinist) on stage as the models presented clothing on a set build to look like a turn of the century living room. The clothes did not race by down the catwalk only to disappear into a fuzzy memory like everything else I saw this week. Everything was presented on stage with plenty of time to take in each detail and remember favorites.

The modern mix of Moe and Moretti with the vintage inspired collection made it the highlight of the week for me.

enjoy the little iphone video! Gotta love that little guy!

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