While in Los Angeles last May good friends Joel K of Creative Growth For Everybody, Chris Schefflin, Katie Malia of Daily Candy and I got together to shoot this editorial for Contrast Magazine. Contrast is available online and at select newsstands in Honolulu, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. Thanks to Mark, Meg at Ford, Tessa at Geren Ford , Christina Guerra at Celestine and everyone who helped to make this come together.

More images available on my site here.

I found one last pack of Polaroid 669 stashed in the back of the "film drawer." Mahina of Niche and Genevieve of MC2 NY were gracious enough to join Matt Breuning, Charls and I this morning at sunrise to burn through what I am sure is my last pack of 669. Sad to see it go, but could not have asked for a better morning. Thanks ladies and gentlemen.

"I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was."

Inspired by the odd flower, the night blooming cereus, a cactus flower that only blooms in summer months and ONLY under a full moon at night, we created a set of images as dream like as the flowers themselves (here is a cool time lapse video if you have never seen them bloom). A 4-month tracking of the moon and the flowers and the schedules of various models finally paid off one evening in late July. The entire story is on my site here.

Special thanks to everyone who worked into the wee hours, especially Charls, whithout whom none of this would have been possible.

Model: Hannah K. May @ Studio KLRP Paris
Make up by the lovely: Corvette De La Cruz

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