Issue 7 of Contrast Magazine was dedicated to all things DIY and who better  to work on a project with than India Menuez and Tristan Reginato of the Art Collective "Lucky You"! Stylist Edda Gudmun of Kate Ryan made it all come together flawlessly using several NY based DIY designers and some of Tristan's own pieces. The designers and more on India and Tristan can be found at

Girl on Bike - Canal St. Martin

Over Thanksgiving I decided to forgo the turkey and spend the holiday tucked away with loved ones in a quiet cafe hidden on Rue Vavin in Paris' Monparnasse district. Behind the glimmering lights of La Coupole and Le Select that dominate both sides of Avenue Montparnasse you'd never even know the tiny Rue Vavin was there... unless you happened to have lived there several years ago as I did. As we walked back from Montparnasse through the Luxembourg gardens, with the Eiffel Tower on our left and the Hotel De Ville on our right, the city glimmered and shined as Im sure it always has capturing the hearts of so many photographers over the decades.
Night in the 11th

When we strolled over the Seine I recalled Brassai's "Paris At Night" collection and the famous "Kiss of Hotel De Ville" by Doisneau.. even the steps of the Pantheon ring with Avedon's famous photos. I walked around for 3 days without making a single photograph. On every corner flashed images taken by the late, great, masters. I was not there to reinvent the wheel, but I was never going to live up to Brassai's "Paris at Night" series in one short week... so I walked on.. and I noticed that the area I was in, the Marais, lacked all of the young people that used to thrive there between the slightly " dare- I- say-ghetto- at-the-time" 11th and the too posh to afford 1st.. Where had they all gone? I kept walking east toward my old never finished, hardly started, graduate school "Spéos" off of Rue Charonne in the 11th and all of a sudden, there they were and all of a sudden, Paris was new again.

Locks of love on the Canal St. Martin

Street and Canal


Young Love and Cigarettes

 Reflection in the Canal

Hangin' Out.. 
taken in homage to Joey.

Fall on the east coast is magical and the ladies at BWG magazine and I got together to share it with their readers! Check out the editorial on BWG Mag here.

Special thanks to:
Jessa Blades - Make Up
Laura Polko for L'oreal Paris - Hair
CG - Styling
Morgan and Hannah at IMG NY 

Here are a few of my favorite images of the beautiful Sports Illustrated Model Julie Henderson from the Evil Twin/Peanut Butter Lovesicle video shoot!

Julie is wearing vintage Dolce & Gabanna styled by Sofia of Love Cat Mag
Make Up by Jessa Blades

and PS- PBL is playing tonight at 8pm at Brooklyn Bowl - See you there!

Guava Shop Hawaii from gabriel yanagihara on Vimeo.

How fun it was to play on the beach again with Liz & Kai of Guava Shop Hawaii this past August! This time we decided to MOVE! Thanks to Guava for making it all come together again, to Mahina for dancing on the beach with me even in the rain!!!!! Shhhh.. it never rains in Hawaii!!!! and a HUGE special thanks to Dallas, Gabe and Ed for ALL of their work shooting and editing.
Video Credits:
Shot and Edited By: Gabriel Yanagihara
Second Camera By: Edward White
Special Thanks to: Guava Shop!

Last Friday morning as the first Fall chill hit New York, Jessa and I headed out to meet directors, T&T of EVIL TWIN and crew for the filming of Peanut Butter Lovesicle's new video "Black Eyed Blues." The song is still in my head 3 days later! Have a listen here and check out who else was on set below!

Model, Julie Henderson getting final touches by Jessa Blades and Laura Polko.

PBL's Bass Player Mike D'arc taking a breather...

And his brother Jake in between shots...

Light test...

A few touch ups by Jessa

And a dress check by stylist and Lovecat Mag's own Sofia..

Direction by EVIL TWIN and a meeting of the minds...

final hair check and a smile from the lovely Julie before cameras roll...

Summer is almost over but we have a couple weeks left so enjoy the music festivals, the long days, the fresh air and summer's free spirit! From the Ladie's known for their free spirit and rock steady stlye here is the final image for a teeshirt collaboration I did for Sugarhigh + Lovestoned with Michelle Vawer for their new fall collection!

Check it out on this guy!
bottom photo by Tamara Lichtenstein

The design duo behind Sugarhigh+ Lovestoned also have their personal blogs which, I have to say, are addicting...

Check Out Tami's fancy work at Charmed I'm Sure
And Chloe's wild child spirit at Born To Be Wild

On that note.. time to hop on a plane and leave the computer behind, so... Happy Labour Day! Enjoy the final days of Summer. See you all in the Fall!

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