Summer is almost over but we have a couple weeks left so enjoy the music festivals, the long days, the fresh air and summer's free spirit! From the Ladie's known for their free spirit and rock steady stlye here is the final image for a teeshirt collaboration I did for Sugarhigh + Lovestoned with Michelle Vawer for their new fall collection!

Check it out on this guy!
bottom photo by Tamara Lichtenstein

The design duo behind Sugarhigh+ Lovestoned also have their personal blogs which, I have to say, are addicting...

Check Out Tami's fancy work at Charmed I'm Sure
And Chloe's wild child spirit at Born To Be Wild

On that note.. time to hop on a plane and leave the computer behind, so... Happy Labour Day! Enjoy the final days of Summer. See you all in the Fall!

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