Does it get any better?

Lau admiring the city

these guys! 

The usual ruckus 

T is for... 

And of course we needed to get out the Polaroid..

and use an entire pack in 10 minutes

Now I'm a pro.. Skateboard Stander.
The girls that live in Ryan's building decided to beautify the Rooftop, nice job girls! 
For the past year or so a few friends and I have been gathering once a month at one of our places to make "Family Dinner." They have been such a highlight in my months that at each one I'm already planning the next! We all get together and make food that we made at home with our families growing up and we have had some amazing meals so far! Last week was Taco night with Ryan.. Taking advantage of the beautiful Fall weather we got up on the rooftop to watch the sun go down and play around with the Polaroid.. And the Tacos were amazing! I got to make my friends famous Spanish rice and although I don't think mine will ever live up to hers, I still love making spicy tomato infused spanish rice! yum.. on that note.. Lunch Time!

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