I have decided to make Wednesdays about inspiration. Wether it be someone I know, a story I've heard, something one of you shares, a photo I'm in love with or just something that stands apart, I have decided that in the middle of the week, we all need a little inspiration to get us through till Friday. I was expecting to start with one of the numerous images I have in a folder called "inspiration" but this Wednesday is dedicated to someone who no matter what stands in his way, no matter who tells him he can't he always perseveres and at the age of 18,  that is something truly inspiring.

Charls is my 18 year old intern originally from Manilla now living in the US with his sights set on the fashion industry. Speaking 5 languages, he constantly amazes me when he is able to speak to almost anyone that walks onto set. Since the age of 15 Charls has been head over heels in love with fashion and has already spent a summer abroad in Korea learning about their industry and the future of fashion in Asia. This summer he plans to spend 2 weeks in Turkey where they just launched the Turkish edition of Vogue Magazine and now have a turkish fashion week! His focus and determination at such a young age is inspiring but it is his ability to do it all with a smile is what makes him stand out.

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Jessica Hoffman said...

Beautiful story, thanks for sharing... that is inspiration!

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