I LOVE the smell of freshly printed paper, lucky for me,  Mark from Contrast Magazine agreed to meet me while the ink was still drying on the pages of the latest issue titled "Goin' Places." I have to admit I was biting my lip with excitement to finally see "The Love Affair," the fashion story we worked on together last fall in New York. Using talent almost exclusively from Hawaii now residing in New York or there for the shoot, we had a great time "talking story" and running around Brooklyn and the West Village.  With the help of a good friend and THE NEWS 495 Showroom in downtown Manhattan we were able to shoot clothing from amazing lines like CLU, Cheap Monday, Creative Growth For Everybody and always one of my favorites, KZO. 
Yes, I was excited to see my photos but what excited me more was the talent I got to share pages with. Contrast Magazine has some amazing staff photographers as well as contributors for this issue including Dustin Humphery, Zak Noyle and hailing from the North Shoreof O'ahu the always lovely Brooke Dombroski. I am blessed to be in print with such talent and on the pages of such a beautifully printed magazine. If you are in Hoholulu or Tokyo, go get you one, if not no problem, you can still get one here

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LA Photographer said...

The photos look great Daeja! I think Mich showed me shots from this shoot before, but they look even better in print.

Oh, but why is long hair dude two timing the girls...? :)

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