Gemma Ward for British Vogue by Corinne Day

I am not much of a DIY gal.. but there are some things I just can't see paying top dollar for when I grew up on the beach... like salt spray for your hair?! Who knew they sold the beach in a bottle.. but they do! And it is sooooo expensive and full of chemicals. So how does a New York City dwelling beach loving girl get the same look without killing her hair? Well, I found the answer this morning on the Free People Blog...

Here is their recipe:

Image by Sheila Metzner

Thanks Free People... Summer here we come!

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Megan Hill said...

omg, this is GENIUS! I admit... I totally buy that expensive shit in the bottle to get my sea salt hair (and it's never as good as the real thing). Thanks for posting this!!! :)

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