Such a simple concept yet so difficult to achieve. I have seen the photo of this Haiku on several different occosions and it has always stuck out. Recently while I was wasting more time than admitable on Flickr I came by it again. I decided to do some research on the piece and found that John Maeda wrote the Haiku and a very popular book called "the Laws of Simplicity" you can see that site here. I am unsure of who did the signage or took the photo but I can credit it to the Public Design Center's Photostream on Flickr.

Back to the reason I am posting this... I bookmarked this page a while back so I could be reminded to think about things before I make them. To really come up with a visual plan, to draw them, map them, color,  to use whatever skills I possess to create a thought process that leads me to making something new, original, and totally mine. I find myself lost for hours on the internet looking for the image that will best describe the thought in my head so I can show it to a stylist or make up artist and we can recreate that photo. However, I often end up frustrated and my resulting photo will never be like that photo I searched for hours for. I am not that photographer, nothing is the same. So my question now is : When did we stop taking the time to sit down with our ideas and a piece of paper and really think about what we were going to do. Maybe its time to think, make, and think some more. 

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