One of my favorite aspects of being a photographer is the opportunity to speak to and learn from other photographers. There are so many people that have taught and inspired me over the past few years and the list continues to grow. On the top of my inspiration list is the New York based fashion photographer Lane Coder. To my delight I was given the opportunity to speak with Lane about his  photos, his plans, and the source of his own inspiration for the Portland based "Too Much Chocolate" blog. To see more of Lane's work and learn a few of his secrets, check out our interview in the Interviews section of Too Much Chocolate. I have to thank Lane for taking the time to chat with me and share so much and to Jake Stangel the mastermind behind the Too Much Chocolate Blog for giving me the opportunity to speak to one of my favorite photographers about what makes him tick. Ohh, and last but certainly not least thank you to my lovely friend Daniel Abratte for introducing me to Lane's work.  

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