New York in the Spring, almost as good (and sometimes better) than Paris in the Spring. This week has brought me to New York to enjoy the company of friends, the doing of business and the pleasure of the New York Photo Festival '09.

The opening soiree was quite the New York event with people wall to wall to see what visual goodies lay in store for them this year. I'm no pro on New York events so to read more about it, see the video and get the who is who of the event visit Andrew Hetherington's Blog What'sTheJackanory?

Dumbo's streets were bleeding with photography, photographers and all in the business of photography. As we weaved in and out of lectures, galleries and cafes one artist stood out far beyond all others . Venetia Dearden's photos are as dream like as a page out of the Maurice Sendak book, "Where the Wild Things Are," while at the same time being as comforting as curling up with a cup of tea on my mother's blue velvet art deco couch ( yes she really has a blue velvet couch - no she does not have a thing for Elvis) in the late afternoon of a Maui day.
Venetia's book "Somerset Stories - Fivepenny Dreams " is at the top of my list of recommendations to any of you out there that can't resist a beautiful collection of photos. Here are two of my favorites from the show (bottom one being book cover.)

If you are in New York, or anywhere close I HIGHLY recommend seeing this.

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